By Julie Demaree
– Student at Princeton Theological Seminary
– Intern at Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville
– Licensed Power of Purpose Mentor

“Where there is a will, there is a why” ~ K. Bradford Brown

I have taught The Power of Purpose several times and am always delighted by how each time is so different. The uniqueness of the people in the class and what they contribute is the main reason. And, I bring something different each time as my understanding of the material grows, as applied to my current circumstances, and as I grow.
Discovering and declaring our purpose is an evolving and ongoing process. It is not a “one time fits all” kind of work. The seasons and circumstances of our lives change, and so do our purposes. What I have noticed during the 20 years I’ve been engaged in this work is that underneath all of that change, recurring themes show up and are enhanced. A new facet may be revealed, yet it is not disparate from previous ones. This kind of consistency is comforting. There is a core to me that undeniably reflects how God has uniquely made me, and the “why” that continues to fuel my “will.”
As I’ve revisited this material over the past several months, I feel re-inspired by what this course can reveal about each of us. While it does help us examine our goals and wants, which are often unnoticed and unexamined, it also teaches what motivates us, for better or worse, and what can get in the way of accomplishing what we need and want to do. Everything we do seems to be rooted in either conscious intentionality, or unconscious drivenness, and perhaps a combination of both at times. Noticing this can help minimize the stress we often unwittingly create for ourselves, while revealing our true heartfelt desires and what really matters to us. A sense of flow, connection, and ease replaces (or at least reduces) stress, even in the most difficult of circumstances. This can bring great freedom to all we do, and assurance that we are living purposefully rather than letting other people and agendas drag us along.
I really look forward to facilitating this course during Lent through The Community Well, which declares that “the human spirit’s deepest yearning is actually to serve; to be used for some greater purpose.” I agree. The Power of Purpose will assist you to ask yourself questions like, “What do I want, really? What am I for? Who am I for? Who needs me? How can I serve in a way that nourishes me as it benefits others? What purpose will express my uniqueness and sustain me through challenging circumstances?”
Join me during Sunday evenings in Lent – February 18 through March 25, from 6:30-8:30 PM – to discover the power of your purpose. Class is limited to 12, minimum of 6. Register by February 11 to secure your spot! $35 materials fee, $90 tuition. Scholarships available. To register and for more information, email
May we discover and bring more of who we understand ourselves to be to all that we know (and don’t know) God to be during this upcoming season of Lent.
See you soon!