We are often faced with life events that are difficult to sort through, and sometimes, we are confronted with problems that are too difficult to manage alone. Relationship problems, work-related issues, parenting challenges, aging parent concerns, depression, grief, anxiety, stress, and chronic health challenges are just a few examples of common difficulties that can diminish our abilities to manage our activities from one day to the next. Read through the statements below. If any sound true for you or someone you know, counseling may be helpful. I or someone I know:

  • Feel sad or angry a lot.
  • Feel tense or anxious a lot.
  • No longer find pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable.
  • Spend a lot of time and energy thinking and worrying about problems.
  • Have caused other people to express concerns.
  • Have problems that are taking a toll on my health and ability to cope.
  • Am having frequent problems in personal or work relationships.
  • Am being negatively affected by pressures and stress.
  • No long sleep very well because of worries about so many things.

To speak with someone about whether or not counseling is right for you or your family, please call (609) 843-4140.

Yes and no. Currently, the New Directions Center does not have its own 501(c)3 status, but rather is a partner within the Community Well at the Presbyterian
Church of Lawrenceville––a community center that offers services which promote spiritual, physical, and mental wellness. Though the church is ultimately responsible for the supervision of NDC, for all intents and purposes, NDC functions as an independent not-for-profit counseling center.

No. The New Directions Center is open to people of ALL faiths and our clinicians and partners represent a diverse group of individuals who practice many differing
faiths and spiritualities.

No. In addition to counseling services for individuals, couples and families through Council for Relationships, the New Directions Center works with various partners to offer programming and services for grief recovery and spiritual direction; workshops for individuals, families, and schools; as well as various support groups.

No. Generally speaking, insurance is not accepted by our partners. Though we do offer our services on a sliding scale for those who qualify and need financial

The quality of service you experience at the New Directions Center is the same as you would find in any private practice. That is one of our goals.

Yes. There is plenty of parking located at the church for clients at the New Directions Center. Additional parking is available along Main St.

2688 Main St., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 | info@newdirectionsnj.org