Activities and Events

Live calendar of activities and events

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Physical Wellness

The Community Well offers a variety of physical wellness services physical wellness services, and is adding more each month. Be sure to sign up for our e-Newsletter to keep in touch with the latest programming.

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  • Stroller Strides

  • Senior Fitness

  • Classes

  • Healthy Eating

  • Community Health

Mental Wellness

The Community Well offers programs for individuals and groups, from classes to stimulate the mind to services for mental health and family support. The New Directions Center provides individual psychotherapy, spiritual direction, family counseling, and group programs.

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  • New Directions Center

  • Evergreen Forum

  • Meditation

Spiritual Wellness

The Community Well is an organization of The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, and is supported by another congregation meeting here, Temple Micah. Both offer a rich variety of worship, spiritual growth and educational programming. In addition, for those who wish to go deeper in their spiritual quest, we offer spiritual direction and classes on spiritual life through the New Directions Center.

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The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville
  • Temple Micah Synagogue

  • Spiritual Direction

Purpose and Meaning

We believe that a sense of purpose and meaning is at the heart of wellness – hence our tagline, “Be well. Do good.” Further, we believe a sense of purpose inevitably leads toward service to others. Therefore, TCW strives toward “helping people help people” – providing the means to participate in volunteer activities that connect people with human need. Those accessing the center are encouraged to find ways to serve others, for example through our Volunteer Connect program (coming in 2017/2018), which will assist persons in finding meaningful service opportunities.